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Performance Management - A Simple Model for Creating Engagement An often cited study by the Gallop Organization found that only 20% of the employees in a company are engaged. This leaves an enormous untapped potential in the reaming 80% of employees that are not fully engaged. Savvy managers start by following this simple model of engagement.
Career Development - Receiving the Gift of Feedback Winners in the career game see feedback as a gift because they know three things: 1) feedback is an opportunity, 2) it is a time to be curious, and 3) it will be their decision on how to use the information.
Performance Management - Getting to Root Cause of Performance Issues When performance standards are not met managers know that getting to the root cause of the issue is the key to creating sustainable improvement.
Unwinnable Corporate Games In the corporate world, we really want to win. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy because we create games that no one can win.
A Simple Four Step Feedback Model Providing clear and direct feedback is an essential function of management. And yet, giving feedback is often a challenge and a source of anxiety for managers. Following a simple four step method provides a framework for giving feedback and assures a successful outcome.
Performance Management - Avoid the Fundamental Attribution Error Being masterful at giving feedback requires that managers are able to separate fact from fiction and reality from perception. There is a powerful principal discovered by social psychologist which often blurs the boundaries when people seek to answer the question of why someone engages in a particular behavior.
Performance Management - Beware of Your Story The experience we have in life and the success that we achieve are controlled by the stories that we tell ourselves. In the case of providing feedback the results we get are determined by the stories we tell.
Performance Management - Giving Effective Feedback In the design of machines and systems consistent performance is maintained by using feedback. Feedback is just as important to producing consistent performance when the 'machine' is a business and the primary components are not gears and circuit boards but are individuals and teams
Performance Management - Make Feedback Immediate The power of feedback comes from the fact that it provides useful information that contrasts current results with an expected standard of performance. This makes feedback an opportunity to learn and to develop strategies for success. Infrequent feedback helps to perpetuate the model of feedback as loosing and diminishes performance.
5 Tips for Talking with Your Kids A few useful tips for talking with your kids in ways that help build a meaningful relationship.
Youth Soccer
I was actively involved in youth soccer as an organizer and coach at both the recreational and competitive level for 15 years. Along the way I had the opportunity to meet and speak with hundreds of soccer parents. Since the end of my time as a soccer coach, I've gone back to survey and talk with those parents about their experience with competitive youth soccer. Those conversations resulted in the article and the two special reports below.
Club Ball is a Business from Soccer America - Youth Soccer Insider, March 13, 2008 The Ten Things Other Parents Want You To Know About Club Soccer How to Evaluate a Soccer Coach
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