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Mona Whitley
Project Management

Mona has over 20 years of experience gained through a diverse career that included roles in academia, private industry, and with government contractors. Her background consists of 11 years with a Fortune 100 global healthcare organization as a R&D Project Manager and Engineering Skills Manager. Additionally, her work experience included executive leadership roles for a Historically Black College and University as a Special Assistant to the President, Director for Grant Funding, and Department Chairperson. She has also worked with government contractors on high-level security projects in the capacity of Industrial Engineer to measure work and identify process improvement initiatives.

Mona is a lifetime Member of the Society of Women Engineers, and a Senior Member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. She has been trained in Green Belt applications, group facilitation, leadership and management skills. Her core competencies of analytical astuteness, attention to detail, strong organizational abilities, effective communication and interpersonal skills create her greatest strength facilitating and leading diverse teams to successfully plan and execute large-scale, complex projects.

Mona has a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering and a M.A. degree in Management. She holds a Doctor of Engineering degree from Southern Methodist University in the area of Engineering Management. She is the Owner and Principal Consultant of BreakThrough Project Consultants LLC, an organization specializing in providing project management services through all stages of a project, for clients worldwide.

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